O’Week Festival 2013

Identity & Branding, Illustration, Print

Event branding

Campaign branding and marketing material was developed for O’Week 2013 at La Trobe University, Bendigo. The campaign identity was inspired by Australia’s music festivals. These festivals select a massive assembly of music artists and play host to thousands of passionate attendees each year. Taking inspiration from these large scale events the promotional artwork was developed using a bombardment of vibrant colours and expressive letterform scattered throughout the poster. The central character is reaching out of the clustered moshpit of details like a die hard ‘festival head’ positioned in front of his favourite band. Client: Bendigo Student Association, La Trobe University 2013 Identity Poster design Wayfinding signage Flyers Pocket guide brochures Tickets Booklet covers Illustration T-shirts

2-oweekfest2013_logo_colourpalette 3-oweekfest2013_poster1






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Graphic designer and illustrator based in Bendigo, Australia.